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TIS was established in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), company number: 515 LLC 2021, which is regulated and supervised financial institutions to conduct business activities supervision.

Saint Vincent is an important offshore financial center, where major foreign exchange brokerage companies are registered. The sovereign government is more committed to the development of an international financial center in the area, with an authoritative regulatory agency (Saint Vincent FSA), coupled with a managed financial system that meets international standards, making Saint Vincent a sound and competitive financial service center.

Saint Vincent FSA has a wealth of financial service resources, including banks, international insurance companies, registered agents, mutual funds, trusts and international business companies (IBCs). St. Vincent’s FSA license ,same as US MSB, Australian ASIC, Cayman CIMA, Hong Kong MSO, is a foreign exchange regulatory license, and it also meets all the regulatory conditions for foreign exchange traders to enter the foreign exchange market.