How Do I Use MT4 for PC?

 How Do I Use MT4 for PC?

Go to the software download page

Choose the version that matches your mobile device.

It is recommended to download and install the mobile phone and computer at the same time, which is convenient for daily use.

The two-line menu bar above the software,

In the upper column, displays the submenu bar, you may hover your mouse over each icons.

In the next column, move the mouse to the corresponding icons. Hovering your mouse in each icons shows the corresponding function will be displayed.

It is recommended to try one by one to get familiar with the functions.

Commonly used functions

1. [Create a new chart]

If you want to view the K-line chart of a certain variety, you can click the icon marked in the upper left corner.

[Create a new chart] Click and select the desired variety to view, and the K-line chart of the variety will appear in the area on the right.

2. [Vertical arrangement of windows]

The icon of [Vertical Arrangement Window] marked in the figure can arrange multiple varieties in the window neatly. Check a single variety in the window as needed.

3. [Bar Chart] [Candle Chart] [Line Chart] and [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]

When viewing the K-line trend of a single variety, you can use the buttons marked in the figure to adjust the three forms of the K-line, as well as zoom in and out of the local area of ​​the K-line.

4. [View K-lines of different time periods]

Select the variety to be viewed in the right window, and then select the desired time period in the marked position on the left.

5. [Display the list of trading varieties]

You may choose to add or hide a variety, from the list of commonly used trading varieties.

Select and click [Create New Chart] marked on the upper menu bar, the trading variety window will pop up, find the desired variety, and click OK.

6. [New order]

In the trading variety, select the variety that needs to be placed, right-click and select a new order, (or directly left-click the variety to pop up the order window).

In the new order trading window,

1. Confirm whether the transaction type is correct.

2. According to the order point, select (market execution) or (pending order).

3. Select the lot size of the order.

4. Set take profit and stop loss points.

5. The final choice (sell at market price) is to go short, or (buy at market price) to go long.

7. [Close a position] or modify an order

In the existing orders, select the order that needs to be closed, right-click, and select (Close).

If the order settings are wrong, you can also choose (modify or delete) to modify the order.

Or double-click the order that needs to be closed with the left mouse button. After the window pops up, select the yellow marked in the figure (close).