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Trade global indices confidently with TIS forex. TISForex offers Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on the most prominent stock market indices around the globe. TISForex CFDs are compatible with our MT4 systems, so you can trade index CFDs from the same account you use to trade forex.

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Global Markets Access

Get access to global markets and some of the world’s best trading assets on one platform. Access it anytime, from anywhere.

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We are committed to provide the highest security of funds to all our clients in accordance with industry regulations.

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Fast and User Friendly

We offer a client platform based on cutting edge technology and highly user friendly. Now account and trade management is a breeze with TIS Forex.

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Trader Centric Education

We understand the role of right insights and awareness in succesful trading. And that is why our education series is a feature to make our users highly succeful in their trades.

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Make Best Use of Exotic Global Indices Trading

A stock index is one of the most popular investment products among investors. Stock indices track the performance of a basket of individual stocks, enabling the investor to trade on the performance of that stock market as a whole, rather than buying/selling shares in individual companies within the index.

A stock index reflects local economic conditions. The popular/main stock markets are: US30, UK100, Nikkei225, S&P 500 and HK50. Ideal investment opportunities: All index transactions can be traded in real-time immediately. Low entry point to the market. Trading indices enables you to get exposure to the entire sector by opening a single position.

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Frequently Asked Question

Indices are a collection of stocks or other financial assets that are used to measure the overall performance of a particular market or sector. They provide an easy way to track the performance of multiple companies or assets at once.

Global indices trading involves buying and selling positions in stock market indices from around the world. This can include major indices such as the US30,  S&P 500, UK100, HK50 and Nikkei 225, as well as smaller, more niche indices.

To trade indices, you will need to open an account with TIS Forex. Once you have an account, you can access the platform’s trading tools and begin placing trades on the indices you are interested in.

The stock market is an important part of the world economy, and it gives investors a lot of benefits.With low transaction costs, high liquidity, and the possibility of high returns, global stock trading is an investment option that traders of all levels can afford and use.

Global stock trading is good for your finances and gives you the chance to invest in a wide range of companies and industries around the world.This means that you can spread your risk and potentially earn higher returns by investing in a mix of stocks from different regions and sectors.