What’s The MT4 Deposit and Withdrawal Process?

What’s The MT4 Deposit and Withdrawal Process?

PC: The operation of the terminal is the same as that of the mobile terminal

Enter the platform member center

Personal Center (tisforex.com)

Enter the account and password received by email when opening the account and log in.

1. [Deposit]

The deposit operation is relatively simple. After logging in to the member center, Select [Funds Management] in the left menu bar, then select [Deposit]. 

Fill in the information on the right, select the required deposit method, select the amount, and click [Submit Payment] after confirming that it is correct.

On the page jumped later, enter your name again, click [Read], and the payment information below will pop up, follow the prompts to remit, and contact customer service after completion.

2. [Withdrawal]

To withdraw funds, click [Funds Management] in the menu bar on the left side of the page.

Then select [Withdrawal]

In the jumped out page, confirm whether the bank information is correct and enter the withdrawal amount

Below [I have read and agree to the above content] check the box in front of

Then click “Submit Payment

After completion, contact customer service for processing.